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Kabellose Capaz USB Fußschalter PC
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USB-footswitch - KB-Series

You connect this footswitch to the USB-port of your running PC. The keystroke is assigned to the pedals only once; the footswitch now works, even with different PCs. If you use a keyboard for your application, it is now possible to use up to 3 pedals. You may also assign combinations of keystrokes. If used in proximity to patients, the PC must also satisfy the requirements of the Medizin Produktegesetz (MPG) (medicinal product legislation - MPL for medical devices) because of the cable connection.


USB footswitch kb series CAPAZ


KB2 footswitch
2 pedals with USB-connector
KB3 footswitch
3 pedals with USB-connector

Typical application
Sterilization, Logistic: CAPAZ KB2 USB footswitch, 2 pedals, left pedal registration, right pedal save
USB footswitch kb series CAPAZ
USB Footswitch, cable, Technology:
USB connector with cable 5 m, optional additional: active USB cable +5 m


KB2 2-pedals, KB3 3-pedals, Slip-resistant elastic buffers, Reed contacts, Electronic Water-jet resistant


Assign Keyboard-/Mouse codes with Software

Windows 2000,XP,Vista,W7


Protection IP-X5 DIN 40050