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Kabellose Capaz USB Fußschalter PC
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Infrared USB wireless footswitch - IR-Series

This infrared receiver is plugged into the USB-port of your running PC and the footswitch is ready to use. If you utilize your application with a keyboard, up to 3 pedals are now possible to use. You may assign keystrokes or combinations of keystrokes to the footswitch. If used in proximity to patients, the PC can now satisfy the requirements of the Medizin Produktegesetz (MPG) (medicinal product legislation - MPL for medical devices) because there is no longer a cable connection.


USB Footswitch, wireless, infrared, medical device

USB Footswitch, wireless, infrared, medical device

infrared USB wireless footswitch


IR2 footswitch
2 pedals with USB-connector
IR3 footswitch
3 pedals with USB-connector

infrared USB wireless footswitch

Typical application
Intraoral camera, ultrasonic devices: CAPAZ IR2 wireless infrared footswitch: 2 pedals, left pedal freeze/run, right pedal save

Technology: 120° rotary multi-channel infrared transmitter with LED control for applications with high-safety requirements

USB-Receiver: High sensitivity dual infrared receiver, USB-connector, assigned keystrokes stored in USB receiver, USB-cable 5 m; active USB cable +5 m (optional)

Footswitch: IR2 2 pedals, IR3 3 pedals, slip-resistant elastic buffers, 120° rotary multi-channel infrared transmitter with LED control, Reed contacts, Electronic Water Jet resistant

Software: Assigned Keyboard/Mouse codes with Software

OS: Windows 2000,XP,Vista,W7

MPG (14.08.98) Klasse 1 (93/42/EWG), EN 60601-1, Protection IP-X5 DIN 40050

The europeanwide Medizinprodukte legislation from the 14th of June 1998 gives better protection to patients and to users and to users in proximity to patients. This Class 1 medical device must not be connected to or be used to control systems of class 2a/2b (92/42/EWG).